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I am based in Australia and I have 2 shopify stores.

1 store has been frozen because my monthly subscription hasn't been paid.  Following up with Shopify chat I am told that the payment is declined by Paypal. So sort it out with them and get it paid to get it un-frozen. 

Following up with Paypal, they confirm that my Paypal settings have preferred payment method of withdrawing from an account.  And there are funds in that account and that is not reason for declining. 

The Paypal problem is only with Shopify b/c I used Paypal about 10 minutes ago to buy a product on another online store.

I understood that merchants in the US couldn't use Paypal for bill payments to Shopify - but I am not in the US. Has something changed we don't know about?

Also, I asked Shopify to unfreeze my store for 5 days to sort this out b/c non-payment wasn't my fault.  They refused.  Shocking customer service given I've been with them for 9 years and have paid lots of money to them over those years.

Please help b/c I'm getting nowhere with Shopify chat. 

Thank you

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I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble paying for your store through Paypal. I know it can be frustrating to be sent back and forth between the two platforms so I'm hopeful I can provide some clarity around the issue. 

You are correct in that Paypal is not provided to stores based in the United States. It will only appear as an option if your store is not located in the US. However; we have a very limited view into why a transaction is declined by Paypal. In most cases, it will show "Paypal declined the charge" which will result in our teams forwarding the merchant to Paypal Support for further assistance. 

As we do not have access to Paypal's end, we can't overrule the error that is appearing; even if the account is considered "eligible." Ultimately, it will require Paypal to troubleshoot the issue further if you'd prefer paying for your monthly subscription via Paypal. 

Alternatively, you can pay for your subscription by credit card. Adding a card could be a temporary solution while Paypal reviews the issue further, or it could be a permanent solution to avoid the error from happening in the future. 

In either route, I'm afraid we can not unfreeze a store once it has gone into a frozen state. Our systems do not allow it. At this time, the only way to unfreeze a store is if the bill successfully charges through Paypal or a credit card. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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