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Hi all,

I know this has been asked a few times, but I can't seem to find any updates.

Is there any app or way to add a % surcharge to the final invoice price dependant on the payment method the customer chooses?

If Shopify doesn't offer this an app developer would make a fortune if they could come up with it.

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As a workaround,  look into this app:

You would be able to add an extra fee on top of the order in general, not necessarily specific to the payment type.

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Thanks Nick,

Unfortunately I need it to add the fee dependant on the payment option, so this does not work.

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I'm jumping in on this topic as well, has there been any progress lately? Shopify has rolled out a number of updates lately, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be included.


With increased bank fees, this has become a serious pressing issue, and I'm sure there are 1000's of shops that would be highly interested in tis feature. But since it discourage the Shopify payment method it is not likely to be introduced at all.


I'm considering moving to another platform as I'm getting more experience in e-commerce I recognize a number of limitations with Shopify where other e-commerce platforms are more customer focused.