Payment confirmation_url invalid signature error

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When merchant visits this payment confirmation_url the page is stuck here, throwing the error as mentioned above.

Signature Error: Invalid Signature

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When you get the confirmation_url from Admin billing api, before redirection do decodeURIComponent(javascript) of it. Sometimes the signature part of the confirmation_url might contain the symbols like '+'. In my case it was the url-safe encoding of the symbol + was coming as %2B. So above error will not occur always. So it's difficult to debug also. welcome

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@Adhil1 I have the same issue but would love some clarity on your response.

Should the signature have the plus symbol + or should it have %2B to work?

This: 12345+6789--00
or this: 12345%2B6789--00


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Same issue over here.
We implemented the decodeURIComponent fix, but it is still happening for certain customers.

Any input is much appreciated.