Payment declined due to error "No match" or "street address and postal code do not match"

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Please help! I do not know how to fix this! I use print on demand companies to fulfill my orders. I use 2, and their websites both use shopify for their website.

- I pay for my orders with my paypal mastercard that's link to my paypal balance. Since starting using it, it works fine for days, then every few days, I get errors messages and payment won't go through. Then it works again randomly. Usually, it works again after clearing cache + deleting and re entering payment method in google payments. 

- The error messages are always different, if i try placing the same order multiple times in a row to place an order, I usually get the error messages seen in the screenshot. I use google chrome, but when the error happens, it also happens whenever using a different browser (safari).

- I contacted shopify, they can't help unless I'm the store owner of the website.

- I called paypal, they said there is nothing wrong with my card. They made me place an order live on the phone with them. Said they could see a charge of zero with google payment? But it would not go through.

- So they said I should contact google. But I did, and they explained they have nothing to do with payment processing. And they made me try another browser (safari), to see if it would work. It still did not. Which led them to conclude the problem was not happening with them.

- The last weird thing is that: when I have this error, and let's say I try my regular bank card (not paypal), it still won't go through. I have not found a way to fix it. Even clearing cookies/cache does not always seem to work

- Using the paypal mastercard on another site not using shopify WORKS.

- Found other threads on shopify mentioning their customers having similar errors. This leads me to believe something is going on with shopify somehow.

How can we prevent this?


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Have you resolved this? I got same issue.

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Exact same problem! I've tried different browsers, different devices, different cards... nothing is working! And the error message is different each time too. So frustrating! Would love to hear more about this if anyone knows or finds out anything.

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Same here, help!