Payment failed: Error executing API call (422: Unprocessable Entity)

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Hi everyone,


My name is Ernest i am a new Shopify user. I am beginner seller on Shopify. Last weeks i turn on my Facebook's Ads. I think I maked my shop just perfect. But I have a big problem with checkout.

My customer's want to buy but cannot pay. My clients are usually from Turkey, so I started reading about foreign payments to them. I choose a mollie payments (still don't know of that's good...)

The problem is that by checkout every time i get problem like that: 


Payment failed: Error executing API call (422: Unprocessable Entity): The currency is not supported by this payment method. Field: amount.currency. Documentation:


I have searched the whole google but still can't find a specific answer how to solve this problem. I am not any programmer or something like that so i am blanco in this subject i know the name JSON but still dont know how to use it... 


Its really sad that i find a "winner" but my customer's cant pay for product !


 Can someone help me with that problem or give me some tips or video's/tutorial's..

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Did you able to solve the issue ? I have same issue on one of my clients website. 

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I have the same problem as you
you found the solution?