Payment gateway accepting NFT business

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I have a client that wants to laugh a NFT business and want to sell them on a Shopify website.


I am looking for a payment gateway accepting this kind of business in their conditions.


I contacted Stripe that told me that this would violate their terms and conditions


Thanks in advance



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Hi, Ericrang

Stripe has nothing to do with it.

In general, payments are accepted using Metamask wallet or other similar ones.

Shopify can also accept payments for this, but the placement of the NFTs themselves must be done on external hosting. Check out these threads with guys discussing NFT sales using Shopify:

How Do I Sell NFTs?

 Where Can I Find The Nft-Application Form?


Also, for other beginners interested in this topic of creating and selling NFTs, you can read educational content here:


How do I create an NFT collection 

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