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Hi Team,

I need support with regards to payment method in UAE. I am planning to have a general store targeting middle east maket. I have opted for Paypal Express Checkout but its not working, every time it shows error that currency conversion is not allowed. I had tried to register in checkout and 2checkout as well but both have declined. As per checkout they will support only running business with 6 month of history to show them and a commitment of monthly volume to be USD 50K minimum.  With regards to 2checkout they have not given any reason for rejection. To them also I informed that I am new in online market and do not have sale history Bu I have general trading business in UAE and gave its month statement as well. Reached MyFatoorah also and is waiting for their evert

Can I link CCAvenue payment link with my Shopify website? (  

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Hi Team,

Can someone from Shopify team help me with my question

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I will give you the best sloution you should use Stripe payment gateway
But if your country not support
You have to start LLC in Wyoming or Delaware
by this company or another up to you
and after that open bank account with
other solution
first solution will cost you 200$
Second will cost you 500$
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Hi Jayesh,

I am going through the same phase now. I am looking for a payment gateway. My business is just startup, as I have acquired the license just now. I have tried 2Checkout but it seems a bit confusing and from the reviews that I have seen, I think it will be very difficult. Please do let me know, which gateway you have finally decided to go ahead with?

I will be reaching out to CCAvenue tomorrow to understand if they have integration with shopify.




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HI @SyedMarwan ,

Yes, CCAvenue can be integrated to Shopify, click here to see other UAE based payment gateways which can be integrated to Shopify.

Happy Selling


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Hi Syed

I tried with 2checkout twice for 2 different website and in both cases they rejected, one was drop shipping and another was for a proper store for which I had shared import invoices also, that was also rejected. I thing they too consider a minimal transaction value like checkout but do not disclose the same

Any how, I have taken services from MyFatoora and Tap payment. Both are Kuwait based companies and have good service

But I will suggest to go with Tap as they do not charge any connection fees whereas MyFatoora will charge you AED 2000 as one time processing fees

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Hi @SyedMarwan,

Your best option is integrate CCAvenue or any other preferred gateway as a private app using a Shopify HP SDK. Benefit is that you will only have one time fee and no need to pay extra transaction fees other than Payment gateway fees and Shopify fees.

I think MyFatoora is a aggregator and on checkout process, customer might be going through their URL which is little odd 😞 . not sure about their rates also.

Also I herd that if a payments process through MyFatoora are not allocated to Shopify order automatically , order must be marked as paid manually? is that right? 







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you already have a license?