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Payment gateway setup for a store based on South Korea - already denied twice by 2Checkout

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Hello there.


I have set up a drop shipping cosmetic store based in Korea. I have added PayPal as a payment option but I want to add credit card payment options for customers' conveniences. However, opening has been delayed because of unsuccessful payment gateway setups due to multiple application rejections by 2Checkout and pending feedback by Asiabill and Splitit Monthly for which I have been waiting over a week. It's really frustrating not being able to open my store and paying for Shopify shop plan for many months now.


You advertise like that Shopify is the easiest way of setting up an online business, but the reality is that everything else is extra cost and even the most basic element such as payment gateway is user's problem to solve. 

PayPlay is a great service provider however it is cumbersome to customers to sign up for the service. You should not recommend gateway providers like 2Checkout if they approve businesses with such strict criteria to comply with. We pay commissions which isn't cheap, however they still vet applications with such strict criteria and never clearly explain why my business does not comply with their criteria. Business owners like me get discouraged with this kind of frustration even before starting the business.

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I thought I was reading my own post LOL. I had the same issue.

Have you PayPal guest checkout set up? If you wanna show me your site I can check your checkout to see if it can be enabled.  Customers can use credit/debit card for checkout in guest mode.

Its better than nothing

The other option is setting up an LLC registered business in USA/UK


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I totally agree!! I have tried every holes i dug in but no use!! i tried almost several Payments Providers in South Korea based on Shopify but almost all of them rejected or kept me on hold for so long time for almost around 3 months, except Eximbay Merchant Co. but it charges 4.5 plus 10% Tax, which is really a hell!!
I have tried 2Checkout, which kept me on hold for very long time and emailed me back saying it has a technical issue !! no use!! i don't know which Payment Provider is the best that can charge the commission fee for 2% similar to 2Checkout.