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Payment gateways in Brazil with transparent checkout

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in Brazil I feel a lack of payment gateways with transparent checkout, the only avaible is from the foreigner company 2Checkout and stripe (beta), but they only accept credit cards and in Brazil it`s very very important to offer payment via boleto and installment payments option. 

Does shopify have any more plans to add a better options with transparent checkout for the payment gateways available in Brazil? For example, Shopify have PagSeguro and Pay U latam avaibable, both have transparent checkouts options if you make the integration by yourself (requiring some php and programming knowledge) , but they aren`t avaible from shopify for normal users who doesn't understand php and programming.

And what about Cielo? Shopify started a beta 3 years ago ( the topic is totally forgotten by the guy from Shopify who started it), and no return from Shopify after the first post. What happened with this beta test??? I have a CIelo account and I hoped after 3 years I would be able to use my Cielo account on shopify ;(

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Hi there Fhabio!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for taking the time to outline your query here on our forums. 🙂

The third-party payment gateway integrations like this are actually created and handled by the gateways themselves here, not Shopify.

We make our payment SDK available to these providers who would then create an integration with our service in order to make their gateway available on our platform.

As such, any changes to how these integrations work here would need to be taken up with the gateway providers and would not be something we can change or effect from here in Shopify.

You can try reaching out to Pagseguro via their website; apologies though, as I don't speak any Portuguese I'm not sure if this is the exact page where you can contact them.

If you let them know about your requirements here they might be able to work on changing how their gateway integration makes transparent checkouts available on Shopify. 🙂

Best of luck with everything here!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi guys. i need this checkout "transparente" thing too. 

i work with normal checkout from Pagseguro. but i found some instructions and information to do the transparent checkout in their site. There are instructions but i dont know how to implement this.


Do you guys undestand how?

See ya


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Hi John,

Could you answer me if the option with transparent checkout is now available?

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@John D,

I have tried to contact PagSeguro many times, but they are very hard to reach and they just told that we need to ask Shopify for this option. Therefore, Shopify tells us to talk to PagSeguro and PagSeguro tell us to talk with Shopify.. impossible to find a solution here with no one of you guys willing to do your job and leaving the problem to the customers and making an endless loop.

@marcosbtv, there is the Samurai Experts app integrated with MOIB, but they charge R$100 per month to use it.. super expensive.

Shopify also says that  CyberSource has transparent checkout, but they don't have any Sign Up online form, you have to contact them.. I tried to reach their representatives in Brazil, but no one replies, seems it's a dead company.

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PagBrasil has just updated their plug-in and it now offers transparent checkout. It also provides access to local payment methods, including Boleto Bancário (and their Boleto Flash with payment confirmation in less than two hours) and domestic credit cards with installments option. 

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Have you ever heard about CartX? It's a great transparent checkout tool that has many integrations with different apps, like cart recovery and email marketing.

It's simple to set up and works 100% with Shopify, the rates are very reasonable and there's even a free monthly plan.


This is the go-to transparent checkout for Brazilian ecommerce right now.

Check it out:

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In Brazil, you can also use RecargaPay to make any type of transparent payment. It is much easier to use than PagSeguro, for example. This article talks a little more about apps to pay bills:

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This site explains about the PagSeguro card and its benefits, and can integrate the payment range

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What about Cielo? How can I use Cielo as payment?

Thank you!

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Boa tarde

Mesmo não tendo a opção de integrar a cielo diretamente pra sua loja do shopify como o mercado pago e pag brasil, é possivel sim fazer tanto a integração do checkout quanto a do API 3.0. Trabalho com uma empresa onde fazemos essa do checkout e do API da cielo pro shopify . Se  tiver interesse de fazer a integração tanto do checkout ou API 3.0 podem se comunicar por whats (61) 9 9873-8162, é só mandar uma mensagem que respondo qualquer dúvida que tiverem a respeito e mostro a integração dele que fizemos em algumas lojas.