Payment method Multibanco using Stripe

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I started to migrate from woocommerce to Shopify, and now im stuck. In Portugal the n1 payment method is Multibanco, which is available on Stripe but there is no direct instalation into Shopify. I talked to Shopify and they said they support it but Stripe needs to install, I talked to Stripe they said they support it but they can't install, that I should "consider staying on Woocommerce". Other recommendation from both sides was to go on Fiverr, which I did, and after talking to 30+ sellers no one knew how to do it.

My programming skills are basic, I don't have the skillset to do this, does anyone know how to do it? Or has done it?

This is Stripes doc on Multibanco:

And I also found some documents of other payment providers on how to install multibanco on shopify, the only problem is there are code lines that need to be changed and I dont know which ones and how. and

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