Payment Processor for Canadian owned eCom store selling in GBP

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Asking for our Canadian client with a UK store selling in GBP:


Currently they are using PrestaShop and as it seems they cannot use Shopify as they would have liked. The reason for this is that Shopify does not integrate with Planet Payment (processor).


They are limited to few choices and they are just investigating which one of those would be best to consider (see screenshot below).


Planet payment is the only processor that allows them to PRESENT and SETTLE in GBP and this is paramount as they are doing business in the UK. --> Is this true? I can't imagine Planet Payment is the only processor that allows you to charge customers in GBP. Couldn't they just use Stripe?


They do not want their customers to see a CAD charge on the credit statements, therefore CMS limited to who can integrate with Planet Payment.



Do you know of any payment processors for Shopify that could do the job, i.e. present and settle in GBP?



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