Payment Providers in the Philippines + Shopify Payments

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My experience with Shopify has been very frustrating so far.. It doesn't make sense that;

  • I do not have a physical store, and only intend to sell online
  • I am partnered with Printful which offers print-on-demand drop shipping and is based in the US, where they will be printing the designs I create and shipping to my customers
  • My target market is USA only

...and yet, Shopify Payments is not an option for me. It's not even for me - it's for my US customers. So they can select and pay whatever is convenient for them, with what they are used to, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To receive these payouts, I connected a USA-based checking account, which Payoneer has provided for me. That means I charge in USD, it goes to my receiving account in USD, which I can then transfer to my local bank in a much better exchange rate.

Shopify boasts of having multiple third party payment providers available to the Philippines, but to date, I still have not secured or have been approved for one. I am an individual with limited funds and most of these providers need company numbers or require that you have been operating for at least 6 months. I'm just starting out!

Is it even worth it to continue with Shopify? I've yet to launch and yet Shopify has already been taking money out of my account in the past 3 months. I'm about ready to give up and just ask for a refund and get someone to build an e-commerce platform for me with WP/ Woocommerce.

So frustrating!

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Been getting messages like this, from payment providers in the Philippines - SIGH.

Like I said in my post, while I may be physically located in the Philippines, my target market is in the US, sa well as my supplier. So I need to transact in USD, and not my local currency. 😞