Payment received in PayPal, but the order is not appearing in Shopify's orders tab

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Hi there,

I have received a payment from a customer into my PayPal account but the order is not appearing in Shopify's nor Oberlo's orders tab so that I can fulfill the order.

I looked around for a solution and the only similar thing I found, that In such cases the customer didn't wait to be redirected to the store page after completing the payment on the third party's platform and he/she closed the window before they automatically redirected back to the store's confirmation page, and this action will be considered as an abandoned checkout and I'm supposed to find the order in the abandoned checkout page on my store; In this case the suggested solution is to make a draft order and fulfill the customer order manually. 

My issue is that the order is not even appearing in the abandoned checkout section so that I can implement this solution, the only details are on PayPal transactions summary and usually there will be details about the ordered product but in this customer's case the details of the product are not visible there, only the price & quantity are visible, is this a spam order or should I just take the customer's info. from PayPal and ship the product anyway?


I appreciate your help and advices!




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I am facing the same issue

please tell me how did you resolve it