Payment solution for Germany and France

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We have a store in Germany and will open one soon in France.  Shopify Payments does not work in both countries so we are looking for a provider that will work reliably and at a sensible cost in both countries.

Does anyone have experience of a suitable solution outside of PayPal.  Happy to use Paypal for theirs clients but want a dedicated card solution for VISA, Mastercard and Amex.

Thank you for any replies.


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Hi @ChrisMichael 

You can see the payment gateways for both countries here:

There is obviously a ton of choices so we can't recommend one specifically. 

Let me know if that helps!


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Thank you for the links.  There are several, I am hoping to get a reply from someone who has used them and knows who has a good balance between card security checks to prevent fraud and pricing.

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we use Sumup. There must be actually many "cheaper" suppliers, but for newcomers it seems to be actually a quite affordable solution. We had a look into CVV and one other company and weren't happy about their offer. 


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I will check them out, thank you for that.