Payout not been made for 2 months, and support is useless unfortunately

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Does anyone have any ideas on how a Shopify Payments issue can be resolved?


We are the new official distribuitors for a specific product set in Germany, and we created a website to sell these products. Site was done, and we made our first sale after a physical event in Germany. The amount is a large amount, and this sale was on March 18, 2024 at 3:59 pm. Today it is the 16th of May, and since March we did not get any answers from Shopify on why a payout has not been made. 


Shopify support in this case was useless unfortunately, after several tries and back and forth, we have 2 tickets escalated and no resolution, or answer whatsoever about what is going on, why our money is being witheld, or if they need any additional documentation to release the money.


The sad part is, our money is tied up in this, and since this payout issue we needed to halt our online marketing efforts while our competitors, who are not the official distribuitors are thriving online. Shopify bill is also know due, but the payout we are awaiting for is multiple of what we need to pay Shopify. We are extremly dissapointed at this time, though we love the simplicity of the platform, and would like to resolve the problem.


Does anyone know what we can do, or what could be a next step? 

I have discussed with Shopify Partners, and none have given an answer to us on how we can resolve this.


Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day!

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