Payouts are stuck on pending

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Hi , I have multiple orders from weeks ago and  I use a third party payment provider and that also is used for payouts. How can i fix this to receive payouts? it has said it’s pending the whole time and i use a different provider and it says its all setup and good so why is this happening?


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Hi @LHC !


You might want to check your notification tab to see if there are any information needed to be submitted to Shopify and also, make sure that your two-step authentication is turned on. You will be able to check this by going to your >account name >manage account >security >two-step authentication. If no notifications from Shopify and two-step authentication is turned on, it will be best to reach out to Shopify support team so, they can further investigate your account and guide you thoroughly.



Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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