Payouts currency = robbery?

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This has been ongoing for years, but Shopify couldn't care less.  Could you please send me my payouts in the same currency my customers pay me?


Our example: we sell in USD being the US our main market, but our bank account is in EUR since our store country and company are based in Spain. This means that we are paying higher international card fees, and Shopify is charging an extra 2% (!) currency conversion fee. It is almost 5% in total.


We would use Stripe instead (they can send payouts in multiple currencies). Still, Shopify had the brilliant idea to drop it in all countries where SP is available so they can keep bullying international sellers into abusive currency exchange rates through SP. Sure we could try another gateway, but Stripe is by far the best. This strategy of forcing merchants into using SP is just sad. We even have a US LLC, but since you need to be a US citizen to use SP in the US, this is no good either.


We would very much like to use Stripe. I heard you could choose a country where Stripe is available (such as Estonia), link Stripe, and revert to your original country (Stripe would remain connected). Can any support staff verify this?


It is very unlikely that Shopify will ever add multicurrency payouts (since they profit 1,5% - 2% from the exchange), so what's left for merchants in our situation? Is there a fix for this?

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