Payouts on hold and cannot receive new orders - Help

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First off let me say this has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. Without explanation starting on December 1st, my stores payouts were put on hold. After realizing this I immediately submitted all the requested documents for review (Passport, biz registration, DL, proof of invoices etc.). I heard nothing for 7 days then received a "Follow up" email and notification in my dashboard. After completing the follow up and sending the info in again I heard nothing. As of this morning December 12th my Shopify payments account is not able to accept new online orders for a completely unknown reason. My business sells higher end clothing that we create and design ourselves. The complete lack of support from Shopify combined with the shady response time from their accounts team has been horrific to experience as a small business owner. This is how I make my living, how I serve customers, and how I pay my rent. Looking for someone from Shopify to assist me with this. 

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