Payouts on hold

Payouts on hold

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My payments have been on hold since 9th May never received an email from them.  Just can’t get anywhere, can’t give me a time frame or anything.  A small business gets regular income coming in but they just don’t seem to care.  £1.5k I am owed it’s scandalous quick enough to take your fees out of your bank.  I am leaving Shopify once I get my money disgusting how you are treated and no explanations or anything.  Get it sorted Shopify

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hi! did you manage to sort this out? i am a customer from another shop who has had their money held by shopify for more than 6 months & haven't received the products i bought last december! this is a fraud company! 

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Was this ever resolved? We just received the 'Funds on hold, Customers can still checkout and to contact support for the next steps.' So far it's been 2 days of contacting support and no resolution and no idea why there even is as a hold as supposedly there are no notes as to why funds would be on hold & now they say "Support Advisor): I just received a notification from our team that their channel is closed as of the moment and will continue their operations tomorrow." How is it possible it's closed on a Thursday at 2PM EST? We cannot run a business this way.