PayPal Express Checkout not accepting payments form my website.

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Ciao there,


I am Klodi and currently, I am working to lunch my Shopify Store.

Since my store is located in Albania the only payment method to accept credit card payments is using PayPal Express Checkout I am working on this but I am facing some problems.


I managed somehow to integrate the PayPal express checkout in my Shopify store but now when I try to make a payment to test the functionality of the payment gateway I am having a strange problem.





I fill all information to pay with my credit card and when I click Submit/Pay, I receive a notification from my bank account (account, credit card of which I am making the payment) that my account was debited with the order amount of money and directly after that I receive another notification that says my account was credited again with that amount of money.


In short the money were taken from my card and then turned back on it.

Moreover PayPal is showing "Please use another Credit Card to pay for this order". I tried different card but still the same problem.

There is no message from PayPal about the order status (Successful or not successful order payment).


You can take a look at


Please if there is someone that faced this problem or has a solution I would be pleased to let me know what can be the reason of this case and how can I solve it!


Thank you in advance for your support & time!!


Best Regards,



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