PayPal Issue

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I just recently started my Shopify store and was hoping to get some clarification on something. So when before I officially opened my store a relative wanted to see what my website looked like. I sent them a link and they ended up buying something. This was prior to me setting up Shopify Payments or my PayPal Business account, after some days when I went into my Shopify account and viewed her order it said that the payment was refunded via Paypay Express Checkout. Forward to today, I have everything set up, like the Shopify Payments and my PayPal account. I sent her an invoice for which she paid through PayPal, however, in Shopify it has the order marked as refunded. 

Also in PayPal on the home page, I see the money but it has 'on hold' under the amount. It would be amazing if someone could help me figure this out.

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