People Reaching Checkout But Not Purchasing

People Reaching Checkout But Not Purchasing

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Shop has had 30+ add to carts and 15+ initiate checkouts with 0 purchases. My checkout process/website load speed is quick, the products have detailed descriptions and I have guest checkout enabled.


Can someone see why I'm unable to get sales? I have a t-shirt site and this has happened to me before in the past, my main conversion site is FB ads, I've tested checking out myself and don't notice any technical issues but if someone could verify for me that would be great.




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Maybe I am not the best one to give you advice, but these are my two cents:

I visited your website and I could already spot things that wouldn't let me buy from your shop.

1st there is absolutely no description of the articles, and the photos don't seem to be realistic. Even the cut of the t-shirt seems to be weird. Down the article's description we find nothing, even the footpage is empty.

There is nothing emotional that would push my to buy a simple black t-shirt.

The price is extremely high given that I don't see any value at spending $45 while I don't see any particular thing on that article.

The home page shows only 4 products and when I click I can expand to only 8 in total, with no description, no writing, nothing additional.

Overall, I won't feel it is a trustorthy website, I get the feeling that the owner built this site in 1 day getting the articles from Ali express and will only close after he or she makes some sales. Like if you are in a hurry of making money.

Your website is not alive, just static, and feeling sad. 


I believe you need to spend a week or two working on building your website, create a story, and make it more alive. Write proper descriptions for each single article, that should be different from each other, add more photos, at least 4 for each article, I think also add in more products. Add the reviews, add the policies / shiping refund delivery policies and terms of use. Add a blog and fill it with articles, and when you finish all this, review your prices. These shirst should not exceed $15 unless that are a known/magical brand. If you are not making margins with 15usd as a selling price, I can even suggest you change the product or change the supplier. 

Don't waste your money on driving traffic while your website and product are not ready.


Sorry to be direct. I might be wrong, but this is just my view and I hope this will help. Don't rush it, build a real website and take your time and making it a big business. You will gain a lot.