Personalisation not pulling through on order when printed

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On our website we have options to personalise items - the order personalisation appears fine on the Shopify order but when the order is printed for production lines 1 2 a 3 of personalisation do not appear. This is only happening on one product. Does anyone know how to solve this?


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You would have to give more details for someone to investigate remotely.


Some ideas though:


- Check whatever code / metafields, etc you have that show the personalizations, and compare with one that works vs one that doesn't.


- I'm not sure where that output is but inspect the code that shows that, you can use tools like Chrome Dev Tools to inspect the html of elements on page, that can give some clues.


- Experiment with different personalizations, for example maybe a special character is throwing off the formatting.


If you have a developer contact they can probably identify it pretty quickly. If you don't have a Shopify developer, I think your best bet would be to experiment and find out exactly where the error is happening, then you can try to solve or hire someone to fix that for you.


If there is an app involved, I would contact them first.

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