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We have a retail store where customers can purchase physical plastic gift cards that we have sourced for use in our physical store at the POS register. We also have an online store. How can we get Shopify to accept these physical card details so customers can use for online orders?

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The only way I think you can make it work is by creating these physical gift cards in the Shopify store using API when they are issued at the physical store, with the code that's on the physical card. It likely also would need to be assigned to the customer, but not sure if that's a must.

Have a look at the gift card API Gift Card (

Create a gift card with a custom code

POST /admin/api/2021-07/gift_cards.json
  "gift_card": {
    "note": "This is a note",
    "initial_value": 100.0,
    "code": "ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP",
    "template_suffix": "gift_cards.birthday.liquid"


Hope this helps