Pick Up Option Not Available On My Store Checkout? WHY? Please help!

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I have been searching high and low trying to figure out how to allow customers to choose a PICK UP option when they checkout. Nothing I do seems to be working to get this setup in my account. When a customer clicks on PICK UP during checkout it says "you order isnt available for pickup, please enter a shipping address". Under Shipping + Delivery, my location box is checked off "this location offers local pickup." What am I doing wrong?



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UGH! I was rally really really hoping that you got an answer because having the EXACT problem. My store is open but its not working and making things really hard. Hopefully we get answers soon

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Anyone solve this? I'm having the same issue.

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Same! I have the exact same problem. Can someone please help us?

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Hi guys,

Be sure to check your product's variant configuration, make sure the inventory of your variant is available for the pickup locations. Your customers will not see a pickup location on Check Out page if the selected product variants don't have availability at that pickup location.

For example, my store has 2 pickup locations, I set the "Rancho Soquel" as my default.

In the Product Variant configuration page of a product, I made sure there is availability for the variant for my locations.




Then, my customers will see both pickup locations on their checkout page:



If 1 location doesn't have availability, it'll be hidden on checkout page.

Example: my rancho soquel availability is updated to 0


--> My store checkout page will now no longer display that location if users selected to purchase the "lb" variant of my tomatoes



Benjamin Nguyen



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Hey! have you tried assigning inventory to your store locations. 

In order for an item to be available for pick up in a specific location, it needs to have that sku in its inventory. 

Hope that helps!

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Is there a way to do this even though we have a third party tracking our inventory (heartland retail) ? Does the third party app allow that?