Pickup not available on Internet Explorer (IE)

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Hi all,
I seem to have a problem with the checkout but only in IE.
I have added pickup to the shipping and offer products at a lower cost in the click and collect location.
These items are in one collection (click & collect) and the home delivery in another.
I have setup the locations with similar names and pickup is only available on products sold from Click & Collect location and these products all start with Click & Collect in the product name to reassure the consumer these are only Click & Collect products at the lower price.
But when it comes to the checkout IE acts completely different to Google Chrome, and the consumer cannot finish the cart in IE yet Chrome breezes through. IE Pickup just spins with or without filling out the ship address, which is only relevant to billing address.
I have attached a couple of screen grabs below to help illustrate the problem.
I hope someone can help.Google Chrome has no issues and pickup is available to selectGoogle Chrome has no issues and pickup is available to select


IE problems Pick up just spinsIE problems Pick up just spins

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Hi. I've just experienced the same issue and rather than posting a new thread I'll bump this one and maybe help the OP.

My customer is using an older version of Internet Explorer and has a hang up when selecting a pick-up option. My system is simpler that the OP's with just a single location and no delivery service. I haven't had any problems with Chrome, Firefox or mobile.

Any ideas?