Please Help! Large Sku count with inexpensive items. I need a fulfillment partner, can't find one!

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We've been a brick and mortar for 14 years. We're going all online and desperately want to find a warehousing a fulfillment partner.

We just can't seem to get shipping down to anything affordable ourselves. I was super impressed with the pricing on Shiphero but they can't take us on because our skucount is too high. It's around 750 at the moment but most of it is greeting cards and enamel pins and stuff so very small items.

The other issue is that we have a relatively high lines per order. It's not uncommon to have 20 or more items because we have customers that will buy a lot of cards in particular in one order. So the pick fees can be punishing as well.

Even if anyone just has advice on bringing our shipping costs down in the interim I'd appreciate it! FWIW we currently use Shipping Easy. 

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Hello Josh_Quinn-

A lot of our customers use Amazon fulfillment, more commonly known as Fullfilled By Amazon. You may have already heard of this and looked into as I know this is a option that cost! But, once you ship your products to Amazon, they take care of the rest! And our FBA Shipping app can help your Shopify store automatically fulfill all FBA orders and manual orders! Our app also populates live shipping cost at checkout for your customers. After you set up your Marketplace with Amazon and download our FBA Shipping barely have to lift a finger! You can check our our FBA Shipping  app here! <----

-Cara @ ByteStand
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Hey Josh, OTW Shipping may be able to help. They have good base rates, but can customize them based on, for example, your high number of items per order. They could lower their additional item rate for that. Shoot me an email at - I'm happy to help!