PLEASE Shopify... two boxes / labels for one order?

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We have installed Shopify and Boxify but do NOT.... want to install ANOTHER shipping app. 

All we want to do is to be able to break up an order into multiple boxes. WHY NOT?  Example: Customer has ordered "widget A" and it goes in a LARGE box, but also has another piece that needs to go into a different size box.  All boxes are predefined FYI.  When we go to ship the order it shows as ONE box / label only. OK then... we'll just print another label and add another box right?  NOT an option.   

This subject has been discussed OVER and OVER yet Shopify will NOT program that SIMPLE function into the shipping. 

Let us ADD boxes and labels as we see fit. 

For the LOVE OF GOD.... please.  

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Hey @georgiaguy,

Our merchants who use Smart Boxing (it's like Boxify but with more features/faster calculation times/better plan prices based on orders, not calculations) face the same problem. Unfortunately, there is only this workaround using Shopify's built-in shipping options. A lot of our clients use Shippo to print multiple labels for 1 order, and others have used ShipStation but their support has been lacking lately due to the shipping industry exploding. Something to keep in mind is that your time is your most valuable asset, so paying $0.05 per label (Shippo) to make your fulfillment process faster will contribute to a lot of time saved. Both apps also offer discounted shipping rates, so it's worth checking out since Shopify doesn't have the exact functionality you are looking for. 

Another option that is "free" (again, time is money) is creating a business account with your preferred carrier. Your shipping discounts won't be nearly as good, but you can create as many labels as you need to manually. 

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but until Shopify improves their fulfillment options, these are your options.


Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping Inc.
Intuitive Shipping | Smart Boxing | Automate Shipping Profiles

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Thanks... however that workaround does not work when the customer orders ONE item that needs to shipped in TWO boxes.  Only works with orders that have multiple items. It WOULD work if we were allowed to ADD an item to the order, but again, Shopify is NOT thinking. 


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Solution Found....

1- Create a PRODUCT and call it "extra label".  no cost - no weight 

2- Pull up the order and EDIT the order adding the "extra label" product. 

This will allow you to print an additional label for that order. 


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Hi there,


So without charge they will still take on the extra box?

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Hi Sharon,


Since your reply in 2020 has there been an update on this? I've been facing the same problem for 2 years now. My business is booming more then ever now and my fulfilment process is so messy due to not being able to print enough labels directly through shopify. 

I have to sign into my business postal service portal and do it all manually. 


The struggle is REALLLLLL. Please help!