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We are excited to be moving our fulfillment over to FBA.  We will continue to hold limited inventory in our warehouse to bring with us to events, trade shows, etc. and intend to use Shopify POS for these sales.  

Do I need to setup anything for self-fulfillment through Shopify POS if FBA active? I'm currently under the assumption that once I flip the switch with the Shopify/FBA integration, all orders through Shopify will go to FBA.  We'd like to give our customers the product on the spot rather than Amazon fulfill/send.

My initial thought was to setup a specific "location" for POS and allocate inventory.  Since we haven't activated the FBA integration, I wasn't sure if this was the best practice.


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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a little different from Selling on Amazon because of course you're shipping your goods directly to Amazon and Amazon is shipping the products to the consumer.

There's no change in how you add Products to Amazon. Products still flow from your POS system, to your website and then up to Amazon using ChannelUnity. However, we do have to change how Orders flow into your POS system. Instead of flowing into your Shopify website, we need to "divert" your FBA orders (1) so they no longer go into Shopify and instead get directed right to our Integration Middleware (2). From there we send them to a separate FBA location within your POS system (3). This is the same location you'll use to keep track of the inventory you send to Amazon.

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