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Posting service name to fulfillment as well as carrier and tracking number

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Using the REST API... We are trying to make the service shipped-via available to customers... ie UPS Ground, etc.

The only field that looks appropriate is "service" in the fulfillment... Documented as:

"service": "manual"

The type of service used.


The field seems to be read only and may not be what we think it is.

When sending in:

{"fulfillment":{"location_id":"4379****","order_id":"195529474****","service":"UPS® Ground","tracking_company":"UPS","tracking_number":"1Z6R5V******239024","line_items":[{"id":"431691431****"}]}}


We get back a success, but the service field always contains "manual"...


{"fulfillment":{"id":184300604****,"order_id":195529474****,"status":"success","created_at":"2019-12-23T14:36:24-05:00","service":"manual","updated_at":"2019-12-23T14:36:24-05:00","tracking_company":"UPS"," ...


Any help would be appreciated...

Thank you.

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