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Hi everybody,

My client is running a cosmetics store out of Gilbert, AZ.

She is registered with Postmates and is looking to integrate the service into her Shopify store's backend.

According to this page/site (and customer support), if her store fulfils a number of criteria, the "on-demand" shipping feature should be automatically added to the Shipping area of the store. This has not been the case.

As far as I am aware, all of the criteria are matched for the store. The client is on the basic package, has products stocked, has the correct shipping zones and has a zip code in an area supported by Postmates. 

As yet, the "on-demand services" section of the shipping area doesn't show. Is there anyone with insight on what we can do to get this rectified? Thanks.

Any insight/help on this would be greatly appreciated,


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Hi Rich, Shopify is ending support for its built-in Postmates integration on January 10, 2019, so this may be related to the phase-out.

We have an app called "Turbo Delivery" ( on the app store that has full support for Postmates. The app has all the features of the built-in integration as well as additional functionality such as support for two on-demand carriers, a 24/7 order queue, and integration with promotional tools like chatbots. We are also working hard at making more improvements.

If you send us a mail at we would be happy to look into this store in detail and get your client up and running with Postmates quickly.

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Hi there, many thanks for the reply.

Do you know why Shopify are ending their native support? I don't understand why they wouldn't at least extract the functionality into an app? On top of that, if they are not accepting new Postmatest integrations - surely they should have put it in their docs.

Many thanks

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Hey Richard and Turbo Delivery!

Elissa here from Shopify’s Shipping team.

We recently made some changes in Shopify that caused the current Postmates integration to stop working properly. We are currently exploring ways to support on-demand delivery options like Postmates, and will let you know should a solution become available. We also rely on our extensive Partner ecosystem to help build these kind of integrations.

If you have any additional questions, our support team is available 24/7 to discuss specific apps and services to reach your business goals. They can be reached here.

Hope this helps clarify!

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Hi, any update on this? Is the postmates app currently available a new one that actually works?


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I'm trying to contact you by the email and the email is returning, is the app still available? How can I contact you?