Pre-order Business Model and Payment Gateway

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We are based in Taiwan and is facing challenges finding a suitable Payment Gateway that will work with our business model.

Our products are custom made and requires longer delivery time frames (3 to 6 months). We know that a number of very successful brands/competitors in our industry are set up on Shopify, and is fortunate enough to have Shopify Payments available in their region. We do not.

So we contacted Paypal as they are one of the available Payment Gateways in our region. However, others have warned us that we have to be careful with Paypal as they may withhold payments (i.e. requiring us to provide proof of delivery prior to releasing the funds to us. Or, they may withhold payments if you are a new merchant etc.).

Does anyone know which Payment Gateway is supportive of our type of business? 

Thanks in advance.

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