Pre Orders - Payment Process, Capture?

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Recently set up my Shopify site and had some friends place orders but product will not arrive until late June/Early July. I used the option "Automatically when the entire order is fulfilled

Authorize payment at checkout and capture once the entire order is fulfilled"
I am now receiving an email notification if I don't capture the payments by Tuesday and payments will expire. 
I thought I could accept the payments and for their CC to be authorized but I wouldn't capture the payments until I ship the product. 
I did notice the App EZ Pre-orders and installed this. Is this how I should have initially set up these "orders"? Do the orders get handled differently when a user places the order via the Pre order option? 
I hope I am explaining myself properly, trying to figure out how I can handle placing orders but not processing the CC until it ships like I said it seems like I may have done something incorrectly since I am getting the warning I need to capture payment. 
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Hey, @timob12 


The credit card authorization period for capturing payment varies depending on your payment provider. For example, Shopify Payments provides an authorization period of 7 days for credit card payments. You will want to capture payment within the authorization period, as after the authorization period ends, you might be unable to collect any money for the order. You can learn more about manual capture methods here - Dirk

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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