Prices for Swiss customers of EU shops wrong?

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I have noticed now several times that shops, which are located in the EU and sell to Switzerland, never display the correct prices.


If you are a shop in the EU and sell to someone who is living in Switzerland, you sell to them without any VAT. Upon import of the goods, ie. they are being shipped to you, you pay import duties and the Swiss VAT of 7%, depending on some factors like the total price of the order.


So far all shops I have seen that are Shopify-based will show the exact same price as in the EU country to you and it will be the price for checkout. 


That means that ALL Swiss customers of EU shops are paying around 19%-20% more than they should. The EU shop does not pay any VAT on products shipped to Switzerland.


From what I can tell this is a problem Shopify is fully aware of, but does nothing to remedy. I have written to a few of the shops about this problem and they usually acknowledge it, but say there is not much they can do. What they are doing is basically overcharging all Swiss customers and pocketing the VAT they would normally pay, but now don't have to.


Can someone from Shopify explain the reasoning behind the decision not to support correct tax calculation for Switzerland? 


Does that mean that basically all Swiss customers of EU shops have been overcharged by 20% since who knows how long? I currently can't come to any other conclusion, since I have seen it now in several shops that I have been in contact with.


Some clarification is needed. Thanks.

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