primary countries error with shopify shipping

primary countries error with shopify shipping

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Hi there,


I encountered two problems when setting up shipping in the shopify system
One is the primary country. I checked all the settings and they are all normal. However, when placing the order, it shows that it cannot be shipping to the primary country.


The second problem is that the same country contains two different shipping settings. I want to cancel one of them but cannot cancel it. I have checked all other zone settings and cannot cancel this country. They are all displayed in another zone.

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Hi @2525inthestreet ,


You are not allowed to establish multiple shipping zones for the same Country/State combination.


If you initially chose the United Kingdom as the country in a zone, uncheck the United Kingdom and select the necessary states. This way, you'll be able to designate the remaining states in a separate zone.


It is a bit tricky; you need to uncheck, save, and reload multiple times for the sublist under the UK to become available.


Once you have the zone configured correctly, ensure that you have configured shipping rates under each zone so that the "Shipping not available" message will disappear.


Even after this, if the issue is not resolved, reach out to Shopify.

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