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Last year the print dialog would open automatically when we were fulfilling orders, printing labels. Now, it still opens the label properly as a pdf in a new tab and all that but, it's messing with flow to have to click for the dialog. We're on a slow connection in the country and every little bit of time saved adds up when shipping. Is there a setting change? We're using Chrome on Windows but haven't made any changes ourselves.

 First day of spring shipping season and it's a small bummer (in an otherwise happy relationship with Shopify)

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Any Shopify help here?  I got the same thing.  Just changed last week and I can't find setting.  Very fast connection.

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I found suggestions like this:

At one point it didn't seem to make a difference and then it di, but not the way I expected. This morning it reverted and I haven't had a chance to look at it again.  My Boxer is too busy boxing orders. Seriously considering a different browser.

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I noticed the same thing, a couple of days ago. All of a sudden this week the print dialog box doesn't automatically come up when I print packing slips, nor shipping labels. I have closed the browser down, opened new windows, logged out of Shopify... all the first things you do to sort of kick things back into gear. None of it works to "reset" this nice, time saving feature.  I'd really like to know what's going on.