Print On Demand Custom Gift Card with custom message and fulfilling the order with other items

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I am wondering how others are handling this fulfillment situation.

When a customer purchases a gift item from the shop, we want to include a Custom Printed Gift Card along with the physical item the customer purchased. 

I am seeing two options

1. Via API , an order is made to a Print on Demand service automatically. But the local fulfillment needs to wait for that card to arrive and then initiate the order when the Gift Card arrives. Some how need to know which order# the Gift Card belongs to.


2. Setup a printer somehow at the fulfillment and pick n pack guys should print the gift card when packing the order and then pack the order along with the printed gift card.

Can you guys pls share how you guys are dealing with fulfillment workflow scenario like this to make the pick n pack smoother/automatic as much as possible to reduce human errors?





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I am also trying to solve this problem.