Print On Demand/ Dropshipping Inventory Not Tracked

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I have read a bunch of articles on this and have reached out to my apps but still don't have a clear answer.  So I know with on print on demand and drop shipping the apps do the fulfillments and track the inventory. 

I have some apps that are tracking the inventory which I can see on my shopify products such as subliminator and some that say "inventory not tracked." On their side it says the products say they are synced to shopify. So far this has happened with Custom Cat and Print Holo.

Is that okay?

Can I still sell products and they will track the orders and fulfill them normally?

Is it supposed to be set on inventory not tracked? Since I am not doing the tracking?

Custom Cat said that it is normal for it to say inventory not tracked when I first add products to my store. Okay but now what? I contacted them again to find out what I should do next because I couldn't find information on their website.

Print holo says my products look fine. But it is still saying inventory not tracked in my shopify products back end. 

Oi. I just don't know!

Thank you to anyone who can help me.



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