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Printify SKU Issue

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Hey there friends!

I'm pretty new here and excited to get my store where it needs to be, but recently came into an issue that is VERY frustrating. I hope someone here who is both a Shopify and Printify master can help.

Here's the scenario. I created a notebook series on Printify that features 6 different cover designs. I created all 6 designs as separate notebooks on Printify, then published them to my store. Since they're a series, I wanted them to appear on my store in one listing, where customers could choose from the 6 designs via the dropdown variant I created called: 'Cover Designs'. EVERYTHING LOOKED GREAT until I received my first order.

A friend of mine ordered 6 notebooks, featuring 3 of the cover designs. The payment went through as planned, BUT the order never made it to Printify. After doing a little bit of Googling, I discovered that Printify states that you can't merge SKU #'s into one Shopify listing. TELL ME THIS ISN'T TRUE?!?!

If that is true, then I am at a major loss. Why wouldn't you be able to use a SKU from their site to create sales? That seems insane.

Please help!

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