Printing label with delivery address (small packages, Appstle)

Printing label with delivery address (small packages, Appstle)

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We are currently implementing a web shop with a subscription revenue model. To manage the subscriptions, we use the app Appstle. Our products are very small and will basically fit in a standard envelope. To make our delivery process efficient, we are now investigating the practical parts of the monthly deliveries. Instead of manually writing the shipment adress on each envelope we would like to export the orders from Appstle to a label machine (e.g. Dymo, Zebra) that could print a small label with delivery adress that we could use on each envelope.


We still haven't figured out how to export the addresses of the current orders to a label machine (with only the delivery addresses). Afterwards, we will put a stamp on the envelope and deliver, through the postal office service, to each mailbox.


Could someone please give me some guidance/help on that issue?  

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