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Priority mail selected by default in order fulfillment page

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In the last week or two, something seems to have changed with my order fulfillment page. Now when I go to print a shipping label, Shopify is defaulting to Priority Mail rates and packages. My default package is a small bubble mailer, which I *always* ship First Class, as most of my items are 4oz or less. Now I have to go in and manually select the correct package AND the correct shipping method for every single order, which is a hassle. Not to mention if I miss one, I'm paying more than double for Priority shipping for a 3oz item, which then means I have to cancel the label and repurchase and the whole thing is really getting to be a headache.

Does anyone know why it is defaulting to Priority and how I can change it? At first I thought it was using the 'last used' shipping method, but I don't think that's the case, either.

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Did you ever discover a reason for this? Years later and it's still making me crazy when this happens.