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Help! I have a customer trying to place an order and is asking why is it charging her $25 for shipping.
My products are sticker sheets and I set the weight of each product by 3g only plus 21grams for the packaging. 

  • The customer ordered 17 sticker sheets so the total weight is 72g - that's 51g for the product and 21g for the packaging.
  • I have a condition set in my shipping profile (photo below)
    Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 8.58.07 AM.png
  • Since it fell on the 50g-99.99g condition, the shipping fee should be $7.
  • Why is it charging my customer $25 instead of $7

I checked everything, I even double checked the weight of each of my products to see if there's a problem with it but all of it are only 3g. I checked the packaging weight also and tried to remove the  packaging weight to see if it will work (it didn't)

I'm going crazy over this. 

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I understand your confusion, regarding the shipping cost.
As your shipping setting is 21g for every 3g weight of the product, it will result in 24g weight. So, when the customer added 17 sheets, the shipping calculator considered that as an individual product, so the math goes like this,
17 stickers x 24g each = 408g
Since the weight range falls between 250g-9999g, the shipping cost for your customer is charged $25.

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