Problem with bundles integrating with shipstation

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On our store, we offer many different bundles but have run into a problem when it comes to fulfillment. We are using the Bundles app ( to split the bundles into itemized products, which has worked pretty well.


The issue starts when the order shows up in Shipstation and the bundles and individual products are mixed up with quantites of 0, 1, 2, 3, etc, and some items costing $0.00.  No rhyme or reason, just everything mixed up.  The pickers are making mistakes because the packing slips don't make any sense...  This also makes it hard for the customer as it appears like they ordered one bundle and then all of the items individually as well. 


What we need is to have the title of the bundle at the top of the packing slip, then have a drop down with the individual items included in that bundle, then the next bundle they ordered with a drop down there as well, and then whatever individual items they ordered after that.  I hope this makes some kind of sense!


Has anyone else dealt with this problem?  There is no way to specify between bundles and individual products on Shopify, and because of that, we can't edit packing slips on Shipstation.  This is messing up our fulfillment process.

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Our Bundleup app removes the bundle from the order so when it goes into ShipStation only the components are set for fulfillment so it is definitely possible.



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Hi @Generations,


I hope you are doing well! Simple Bundles offers seamless integration with Shipstation. One of the app's features allows for the automatic fulfillment of the parent bundle SKU. When the parent bundle SKU reaches Shipstation, it will be displayed with a quantity of zero, making it easier to identify the individual child items for packing purposes.




For more detailed information, please refer to this link: as it provides comprehensive guidance on how to utilize Simple Bundles with Shipstation.


Hope this helps! Feel to reach out if you have any more questions. Thanks!

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