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Problem with currency Amazon Pay

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At the moment my Shopify store works with USD.
My amazon account is in GBP .
i would like to accept payments but when test ordering I get the following message:
"The OrderReferenceId  ********* has constraints CurrencyMismatch and cannot be confirmed"
Any idea what can i do to solve this?
I found something that maybe could give some lead :
 We need to add this code to our store to make possible Amazon accept USD as a payment :
The following code sample shows the rendering of the Wallet widget with presentmentCurrency set to USD.
<!-- Place this code in your HTML where you want the wallet widget to appear. -->
<div id="walletWidgetDiv"></div>
window.onAmazonLoginReady = function() {amazon.Login.setClientId('YOUR-CLIENT-ID'); };
window.onAmazonPaymentsReady = function() {
walletWidget = new OffAmazonPayments.Widgets.Wallet({
scope: 'SCOPE',
amazonOrderReferenceId: 'ORDER_REFERENCE_ID', //the one you created before, most likely in the AddressBook widget
onPaymentSelect: function(orderReference) {
// Replace this code with the action that you want to perform
// after the payment method is selected.
// Ideally this would enable the next action for the buyer
// including either a "Continue" or "Place Order" button.
design: {
designMode: 'responsive'
onError: function(error) {
// Your error handling code.
// During development you can use the following
// code to view error messages:
// console.log(error.getErrorCode() + ': ' + error.getErrorMessage());
// See "Handling Errors" for more information.
walletWidget.setPresentmentCurrency(“USD"); // ISO-4217 currency code, merchant is expected to enter valid list of currency supported by Amazon Pay.
<script async="async"
The question is : Where should we insert this code ?
Looking forward to your reply,
Best regards,


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Did you solve this problem ? If yes can you please advise how ?

Thank you.