Problem with shipping process --> to Germany (Shopify + Printful)

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I got a problem regarding the shipping process. So in the settings, I configured that I only want to sell in Germany. If I say that I'm shipping from my adress to the customer (in the settings), there is no problem at all with the shipping process. everything works finde. However it changes when I set up Printful as delivery adress (I mean that Printful is the supplier). Than it says "We don't deliver to Germany". I don't get it. The pictures are in German, however you should see that GERMANY is in the setting.


PS: I'm posting my problem here, because the English community is bigger than the German one. 


Deliver to... Germany.Deliver to... Germany."We can't deliver to your destination""We can't deliver to your destination"

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Hey! It's Daniella from Printful here. 

Could you please report this to our Customer Support? You can reach us either by the website chat or We'll take a closer look into this and will try to advise.