Process single payment in different wallets

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My company serves customers who have a single credit card but with different wallets.


The card has a grouped balance (e.g. total of $180), but each wallet has its own balance and the customer needs to purchase products allowed for that wallet with that balance, e.g.:


Total card balance: $180


OTC Balance: $100

Products he can buy: various vitamins


Healthy food balance: $80
Products he can buy: varied foods


For a better user experience, the user can include products from both categories in the same checkout and when completing the payment, behind the scenes, order processing must have separate IDs per wallet. In other words, even if the customer purchases a total of $180 ($100 for OTC and $80 for Healthy Food) I need the transaction to generate an ID for OTC and another for Healthy Food and tell me which products were processed in each of them.


Let's discuss a solution to this?



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