Product Not Delivered by a Merchant on Shopify - am unable to complaint on Shopify

Product Not Delivered by a Merchant on Shopify - am unable to complaint on Shopify

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Dear Shopify Team, 

I saw an ad on Instagram, and placed an order with a merchant who is using your services on 26 November 2021.
After making the payment, I realized that I was not given an option to choose the color of the product (it was a phone case) and only got an confirmation of the order through an SMS link. 

I wrote back to the merchant and the email address provided on their page ( but till date have got no revert nor the product ordered and paid for. 

I am suspicious that this is a scam/fraudulent merchant as
1) The product is undelivered after the mentioned 6-7 days of shipping.
2) The Paytm Wallet used for the transaction mentions the merchant as E Commerce, and not their name (Uniioncase)
3) I have not got any revert on the emails I have sent to the merchant's given contact. 

I am sharing screenshots of the purchase and related documents. 

I have also not been able to complaint on the shopify website/support page as there was no email taken in by the merchant (except phone number as an identifier) and therefore there is not match of email and Order Confirmation URL.

I am sharing it for your reference:

Please look into this as it could be an abuse of your platform and trusted name. 
The amount might be insignificant to you but as a first time customer it really tarnishes your name as a brand, that you are letting fraudulent merchants get away. 

I have also not heard back from your social team on Instagram, where I have reached out as well. 
Please look into this and advise and sharing the screenshots below. Also share your formal email address for support where I can share this. 

Thanks and I look forward to a speedy revert!

Payment on PaytmPayment on PaytmEmail to Merchant (Unresponsive)Email to Merchant (Unresponsive)Merchant Advertisement (Ongoing)Merchant Advertisement (Ongoing)Merchant Page on InstagramMerchant Page on InstagramOrder Confirmation URL and PageOrder Confirmation URL and PageOrder Confirmation Link on SMSOrder Confirmation Link on SMS

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Shopify Staff
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Hi there @Falguni!


Thanks for sharing your concern here in the Shopify Community.


To clarify, Shopify is the e-commerce software that some businesses use to build their own stores to sell online or in-person.


We don't have any involvement ourselves in the orders or shipping of these stores.


You mentioned you had already tried to get in touch with the store you ordered from, that's great! That would definitely be the first place you check for any order updates.


If you don't get a reply or receive your order within 4 weeks, you can next try contacting your bank or card provider to let them know what has happened.


Should the store in question prove to be using Shopify, you can file a report using this form


There's more info on all of this available here in this FAQ.


We're not available to provide social support via Instagram at the moment, though you can reach out via our Facebook or Twitter accounts for general Shopify support.


All the best!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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