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Product Specific Shipping Rate

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This is something that we are wanting to explore in our store


So we are wanting to set up product shipping for specific products, but there are some products that we like to manually calculate. For example product A has a predetermined rate, but once the customer adds product B that is a product that we quote for shipping (due to size and weight), Product A's shipping rate does not apply and we would manually charge the customer for shipping.


Is there a way to do this? 

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Hi, @Kolby_ashby!


This is May from Shopify. Welcome to our Shopify Community!


At the moment Shopify does not have a built in feature that allows you to set per product shipping rates. I have seen other merchants request this feature to be added on Shopify, so I am going to add your vote to the existing ballot our developers review. The more merchants requesting a feature, the more likely it is to be implemented in the future. 


In the mean time, you can use an app like Better Shipping or Advanced Shipping Rule to set per product shipping. If you choose to download on of these apps, usually there will be an additional cost since you’ll be using their service. For future reference, in case you run into any technical issues with the app, you can reach out to the developers directly, which you can find on the app's page. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to reply back to this thread or contact our 24/7 support, and we’ll happily help!



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I am also looking for an app that allows me to do product specific shipping carriers.  For example, I carry aerosols and other items required to ship ground transportation.  I want to be able to designate those products as ground shipping only so that only the ground shipping rates show at checkout.  I've tried many apps and have yet to find one that will do this.

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Count me in as someone who votes for product-specific shipping rates.  In combination with the Locksmith App, I could allow one segment of clients to get free shipping based on their purchase status.

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Better Shipping is a great tool for this. They're designed specifically for per-product shipping.

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I got excited about Better Shipping, but...


I'm in a real tough spot with a particular client:

  • Must be completely segregated from my regular online store.  I had to set up a second Shopify account because you can't run two separate stores from one account.  And before anyone asks, no the Locksmith app wasn't a viable solution because the shopping cart still allowed employees to wander into my regular store sections.  The store must be TOTALLY segregated.  Either way, more $.
  • The client gives employees a flat stipend to spend in the store.  I could set up gift cards, which required an upgraded plan and pay additional fees (more $$) OR use discount codes (yay, something free!)  Wah, wah--the discount code doesn't apply to shipping charges.  So if the employee had $60 to spend, but only used $30, plus taxes and shipping, they still paid for shipping.   Now I'm picking up the tab on shipping for everyone ($$).
  • Use Better Shipping but that requires a plan upgrade or an additional monthly fee for Basic plan users to activate "real-time carrier shipping" ($$).  I could switch to annual billing (which at the rate this is going, I'm not sure the client is going to stick with me), so I'd be out the $312 and no client ($$$).

This account could've been a game-changer for my business.  Instead I have to offer free shipping flat out and cut into the already thin margins I was making.  I'm completely disappointed that everything turns into "pay more" for either an app or an upgraded plan or both.

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I also have different products with different shipping rates.  I'm a small business, I can't afford to keep adding these extra's onto my costs, when they should be a standard item from Shopify.

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I am also looking for specific shipping rate for a group of products.

In my store most of the products are shipped locally from our warehouse, but we have range of products 

which are made for order and shipped from a different country based on flat fee.

Which App is good for that, but not too expensive?


I hope that feature can be implemented into the System.


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Please add my vote too for this option to be included in Shopify!

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Please add my vote towards this feature! Would love to be able to set per product shipping rates in Shopify without an additional app.

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Hope you are still counting votes on this and looking at this thread. There a lot of us looking for this feature. Should be built in and not app required.