Product variant not to be shipped from a location

Product variant not to be shipped from a location

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We have a product variant sold out in one 'Location A' but don't want to ship it from 'Location B' who still have the product variant in stock, but we still want to sell that product variant in 'Location B'. Is there a way to do this?



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I don't think there's a way to control this before purchase, I couldn't find a Liquid object / variable for inventory at specific locations, so you would have to rely on post purchase actions (I believe, not 100% sure).


If that's the case, I think your solution would be to change the location of the line item in the order if it meets that criteria. You could automate that with Order Automator, or maybe Shopify Flow.


Another idea, maybe you could set "continue selling when out of stock" to yes in the product inventory details, then Shopify would not route the location to B if inventory at A is zero. Then you could have your support rep contact the customer to let them know that this item stocked out, but will be available on [future date]. That would at least give the option to the customer to still buy the product if they want, rather than losing the sale.

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Certainly! To address this scenario seamlessly, consider implementing Amazon MCF by WebBee. This solution enables you to strategically manage product variants across different locations. 


By leveraging Amazon MCF, you can ensure that the sold-out variant in 'Location A' stays unavailable for shipping, while the in-stock variant in 'Location B' remains accessible for customers in that specific area. 

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