Products dont show up on shipping profile list! Buyer can't complete checkout

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I am frustrated beyond belief by no longer being able to get telephone support 24/7. I became aware this week (that anything I added to my store since I changed themes does not appear on the shipping profile management lists.

Support just created a general shipping free shipping on everything worldwide which doesn't solve  he problem  for me as I would lose money. They did this overnight & now I cant get further support as the guy helping me is in a 12 hour different time zone.

Old products appear , but anything added in the last 9-10 months cannot be selected from the manage items list to be able to apply a specific shipping profile or rate to them.

Any ideas on why this is happening or how to solve it?

This actually means that no one can (and hasn't been able to for 9months) purchase any of my newer products as it just say 'no shipping to your area' at checkout. I was wondering why I was getting so many abandoned carts. Some buyers have emailed me direct & made purchases direct but they didnt mention the issue. 


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Hey @AnitaNowin,

Are you products set to "does not ship" by chance? I ask because some of our clients at Intuitive Shipping have items set to this and it causes incorrect shipping rates to appear. 

P.s. in the future, I recommend using Automate Shipping Profiles if you ever need to bulk assign your products to their shipping profiles. Since the app doesn't do rating, you can avoid Shopify's $20/mo fee for the Carrier Rates feature and save yourself time by not having to manually assign each of your products.


Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping Inc.
Intuitive Shipping | Smart Boxing | Automate Shipping Profiles

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Thank you Sharon. Yes, all the settings are correct. The Shopify
specialists can’t work out what is happening.
It’s in my custom shipping rates. I got around it partially by having to go
to each indivproduct & variant, going to manage rates, manage products &
doing them one by one.
Even then after saving them most of them are not saving into custom
shipping rates. It’s a mystery to all!
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Yes, It's happening to me now. I understand your struggle. I think what they want to try to do is encourage us to use the tools app from Shopify which often makes it difficult for us. It's a mess that they haven't fixed this yet tho. Try Shipping Rates Logic.